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Classes & Workshops

Storytelling Theater Clubs

Listen to a storyteller tell a story in a beautiful setting*. After we hear the story the children are engaged in activities and games.  See below for descriptions of the activities.

(Settings: Forest Amphitheater, Other outdoor theater, Indoor theater, Beautiful Classrooms, Tipis, Cobb buildings, barns, tents, cabanas, beaches, riverbanks, in a person’s home, in a park, in a restaurant, in a museum.)

Storytime for Beginners (Ages 0-4)

Story time with puppets and silks.  Costumes and instruments available for exploration during group activities after the story. Parents and Caregivers are along for the fun! Often takes place at a park or in a classroom or indoor space.


Fairy Tales and Storytime Plays (Ages 5 – 7)

Discuss the story and characters and then re-enact the stories with puppets and/or costumes and props.

Props and silks and instruments and costumes and puppets. Need parent volunteers for a 4:1 adult to child ratio.


Theater Club! Live! On Stage! (Ages 8-10)

Prepare a Play Performance! Play improv games and dress up in costumes. Readers theater.  Movement, mirrors, sound, music and lighting. Practice your acting skills in a 4-Week workshop that will culminate with a Final Showcase that display our talent!

Week One: Read the Story, Discuss and Break into small groups practice improvising a re-enactment of the story.

Week Two: Assign Roles, and perform Reader’s Theater.

Week Three: Acting skills, building a character, stage presence, and memorizing poems and spoken lines.

Week Four: Props and Costumes, technical theater, painting sets, lights and sound. Final Performance for Families and friends.